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On leave Management

I am an Associate Professor of Management at the Department of Business Administration at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Previously I was visiting scholar (2011-12) at the Management and Organization Department of the Carroll School of Management, Boston College.

I also serve as Deputy Director of Research at the Department of Business Administration, Director of the Master in Management, and Deputy Director of the Master in Business and Quantitative Methods (first stage of the PhD program).
I received a Ph.D. in Business Economics (program in Entrepreneurship and Management), a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Management (Management, Organization, and Business Economics), and B.A. in Economics, all from Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

My research interests focus on the intersection of strategic management, corporate social responsibility, and corporate governance, though I have also explored topic such as multinational firms, managerial cognition, strategic Groups, accounting manipulation, efficiency Measurement using frontier analysis, and R&D Strategies. My articles have appeared in leading management journals, including Academy of Management Journal and Strategic Management Journal, among others.
I am member of the editorial review board of the Strategic Management Journal.

I serve as evaluator for several national and regional research agencies and as referee for more than 20 journals, including: Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management, and Journal of Management Studies.

I primarily teach strategy to graduate and undergraduate students. Other courses that I have taught are: Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (graduate level), The Firm and the Natural Environment (graduate level), Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility (executive education), Strategic Management (executive education), Essentials of Business (undergraduate level), and Organizational Economics (undergraduate level).
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