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Professor of Accounting

Research interests

To date, I am developing three research lines:

1. Reputation, proprietary costs and voluntary disclosure. In other words, we would like to know the behavior of firms in relation to voluntary disclosure and their strategic resources. It is clear that firms are obliged to reveal information, however, they need to maintain sufficient ambiguity because, in opposite case, they would disclose the competitive advantages.

2. Herding, stickiness and voluntary disclosure. This second research line analyses the same voluntary disclosure, but in relation to the mimicry behaviour in relation to other firms, and the own experience when firms disclose.

3. Sustainability report. Last dates, more firms conveys the sustainability report (Corporate Social Responsibility). However, despite this phenomenon, it is not clear why the sustainability assurance is not generalized in the same degree. In this branch of the science, we would develop studies that analyze different factors that advice to firms to apply sustainability assurance.

Selected publications

Gago-Rodríguez, S., Márquez-Illescas, G., and Núñez-Nickel, M. (2021): Bargaining power as moderator of the "delay cost effect" in supply chain negotiations. Management Accounting Research. (Accepted 13-03-2021).

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Gago-Rodríguez, S., Márquez-Illescas, G. & Núñez-Nickel, M. (2020): "Denial of corruption: Voluntary disclosure of bribery information", Journal of Business Ethics vol. 162, 609-626.

Gago-Rodríguez, S., Guo, B., Márquez-Illescas, G. & Núñez-Nickel, M. (2020): "Causal ambiguity: shape-flip between product market competition and industry level and voluntary disclosure", Accounting and Business Research . vol 50(6): 574-607.

Kapelko, M. Moyano, J. & Núñez-Nickel, M. (2019): "Technical Efficiency of Producer Cooperatives vs. Private Firms: A longitudinal Empirical Study", Journal of Small Business Management vol 57(3), 909-926.

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Manuel Núñez-Nickel is Professor of Accounting at the Department of Business Administration at Carlos III University. He holds a Ph. D. in economics from Carlos III University and a Licentiate degree in business and economics from Complutense University in Madrid (Spain). He teaches management accounting to undergrads and grads students.

His research interests center on the influence of strategic-institutional factors on voluntary disclosure. He has published in the Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Journal, Information and Management, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, Management Accounting Research, Journal of Management Studies, Organization Studies, Omega, Journal of Business Research, Business Ethics: A European Journal, Journal Small Business Management, and Small Business Economics.

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