ADMISSION - UC3M Business MBA Master

Identifying the best candidates
At the UC3M MBA Program we believe that individual merit and experience are more important than certificates. Consistently with this view, GMAT is recommended, but not required for admission to our MBA Program. Because in an MBA Program students learn as much from faculty as they do from fellow students, the admissions process is rigorous and designed to identify high-potential candidates.

To make sure that students interested in our program receive precise and unbiased information, we do not rely on sales persons during the admissions process. Instead, once the application is received and throughout the process until a student is finally admitted, candidates are in touch with high-level academic staff whose main interest is in identifying the best candidates and in helping candidates receive precise, unbiased information about the program. As a public university, we operate on a non-profit basis and our main interest is to develop a high-quality program.

Admission process
The admission process includes a thorough interview with the MBA’s Assistant Director, which gives candidates a chance to receive information about the MBA Program at the highest level. The MBA Program takes into account not only academic merit, but also the quality of work experience and the candidate’s motivation and personal goals. The match with the MBA Program’s mission is also important.
Because the quality of the student pool is very important, we require all students to have at least three years of relevant post-graduate work experience. Moreover, we require every cohort to have an average work experience of at least five years. In addition to this, we value multicultural, international variety and we therefore take into account the international composition of each cohort to decide which students are admitted.

More information about admission requirements can be found here.