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Overview of the data

Audit Analytics tracks in detail the issues related to audit, compliance, governance, corporate actions and federal litigation from a broad range of public disclosures, including: approximately 20,000 SEC registrants (including foreign and Canadian filers); nearly 4,000 Canadian SEDAR filers; more than 4,300 insurance companies filing with the NAIC; 750,000 ERISA plans filing IRS Form 5500; and more. Audit Analytics provides detailed research on over 150,000 active audits and more than 10,000 accounting firms.

Our subscription currently grants access to a total of 20 datasets from two modules: “Audit + Compliance” and “Audit Analytics Europe”.

Audit + Compliance module tracks and understands customer and competitor activities and trends related to audit, regulatory and disclosure issues. The Audit + Compliance module covers all SEC registrants. Among the datasets included in the module are Auditor Changes, Audit Opinions, Benefit Plan Opinions, Director & Officer Changes, Internal Controls, Disclosure Controls, Non-timely Filers and Financial Restatements.

Audit Analytics Europe module covers public companies listed on European exchanges (EEA + Switzerland), and includes auditor, tenure, and audit fee information. With Audit Analytics Europe, you can track mandatory auditor rotation, analyze year- over- year audit fee changes, monitor auditor market share, and gain audit market insight. Among the datasets included in the module are Auditor Changes, Auditor Engagements and Tenure, Audit Fees, Audit Opinions, Key Audit Matters and Transparency Reports.

How to access this database

Integrated in WRDS. See WRDS (link) for more information.

How to use this database

See Dataset List, Manuals and Overviews or FAQs on WRDS (link). Additional information on the AUDIT ANALYTICS website (link)