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Overview of the data

Orbis Bank Focus contains comprehensive information on 30,000 banks across the globe. You can use it to research individual banks and find banks with specific profiles and analyse them. Orbis Bank Focus has up to 30 years of detailed accounts for each bank. It includes:

  • Detailed financials - statements are in multiple formats including International summary and Global Detailed.
  • Interim data
  • Ratings, and rating reports, from FitchRatings, Moody's, Standard & Poor's and Capital Intelligence
  • Country risk and country finance reports
  • Stock data for listed banks
  • Directors and contacts
  • Original filings/images
  • Detailed bank structures
  • Economic country profiles and outlooks
  • Business and related news
  • M&A deals and rumours

How to access this database

Integrated in WRDS, in the Bureau van Dijk vendor datasets. See WRDS (link) for more information.

How to use this database

See User Guide on WRDS (link). Additional information on the Bank Focus website (link)