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CRSP Mutual Funds
Overview of the data

Key Features Include:

a) Fund Types: It currently contains complete historical information for over 30,361 (11,232 dead and 19,129 live funds) open-ended funds:

  • Equity funds
  • Taxable and municipal bond funds
  • International funds
  • Money market funds

b) Comprehensive data: The data begin at varying times between 1962 and 2003 depending on availability and include:

  • History of each mutual fund’s name
  • Investment style
  • Fee structure
  • Holdings
  • Asset allocation
  • Monthly total returns
  • Monthly total net assets (TNA)
  • Monthly/daily net asset values
  • (DNAV/NAV)
  • Distributions
  • Dividends
  • Schedules of rear and front load fees
  • Asset class codes
  • Management company contact information
  • Identifying information: ICDI number

How to access this database

Integrated in WRDS. See WRDS (link) for more information.

How to use this database

Basic information on how to use this database can be found in CRSP Mutual Fund User Guide.