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Overview of the data

Thomson I/B/E/S provides detailed and consensus estimates featuring up to 26 forecast measures including GAAP and pro-forma EPS, revenue/sales, net income, pre-tax profit and operating profit, and price targets and recommendations for more than 60,000 companies in 67 countries worldwide.

Thomson I/B/E/S is the proven leader with more than 30 years of experience - the first and still the best.

With Thomson I/B/E/S, you can leverage the most comprehensive and accurate estimate content from close to 1,200 contributors worldwide. Each contributor is rigorously qualified prior to inclusion to maintain the highest quality content.

Thomson I/B/E/S works closely with our contributors and clients to stay ahead of new content offerings and changes in regional accounting requirements, such as FAS 123(R) in the US and IFRS in Europe and Asia.

Thomson Financial reviews all estimates according to rigorous quality control measures, both pre- and post-product quality reviews. Quality checks incorporate automated algorithms such as standard deviation, percentage difference from the previous, and number of revisions in a short time period. Monthly audits show accuracy levels greater than 99.9%.

For more information on what is included in the database click here.

How to access this database

Integrated in WRDS. See WRDS (link) for more information.

Also, it can be accessed through the Eikon terminal. See Eikon (link) for more information.

How to use this database

Basic information on how to use this database can be found in WRDS, in the Manuals and Overviews section (link). More information can be obtained by searching for this database in MyRefinitiv (link).