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Overview of the data

NRG Metrics combines different datasets: Corporate Governance, Ownership Structure, Directors and Officers, Family Firms, Compensation, and Audit.

The Corporate Governance Dataset contains all the key variables related to the Board of Directors, as well as the 3 key committees that are Audit, Compensation and Nomination. With more than 60 variables. Ownership Structure Dataset provides variables, such as Managerial Ownership, CEO Ownership, Institutional Investors Ownership, Largest Shareholder, Top-5 of Shareholders etc. In addition, variables that cover the Pyramid Structure while revealing the identity of the Ultimate Shareholder. Directors and Officers Dataset contains data for more than 170,000 Directors and Officers. This category of variables includes data on gender, nationality, participation in Other Public Boards, as well as data on financial expertise and political connection. The 45 variables that compound this dataset are a complete and detailed record of each Director / Officer information. Compensation Dataset includes more than 50 variables from the following categories: Executive Compensation, Director’s Compensation, Ownership Guidelines, Compensation Consultants, Non-Executive Fees and CEO Pay Ratio. This Dataset is covering more than 5.200 listed companies. The Family Firms Dataset includes 60 variables and 20 different definitions of Family Firms.

NRG Metrics provides data on over 6,500 companies throughout the world, with nearly 300 variables. It covers more than 46 countries with broad geographical market coverage: Europe, North America, Africa and Rest of the World. NRG offers complete coverage for the major stock market indices in Europe and major listed companies in numerous emerging European markets and also provides information for companies on major stock market indices from North America.

How to access this database

Local Access (Room 6.0.12) – NRG METRICS is available on PC4 of room 6.0.12.

How to use this database

You can find the Data definitions and Terms of Use on PC4 (6.0.12). Additional information on NRG METRICS (link) website