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Overview of the data

OSIRIS is a comprehensive database of listed companies, banks and insurance companies around the world. Covering more than 190 countries OSIRIS contains information on over 55,000 companies with the following breakdown:

  • North America 14,522
  • Europe (Excl. Eastern Europe) 11,875
  • Eastern Europe 1,155
  • Middle East 1,229
  • Far East & Central Asia 17,661
  • Oceania 2,642
  • South & Central America 4,562
  • Africa 1,791

Both standardised and “as reported" accounts are provided and specific templates are provided for banks, insurance companies and "industrial" companies to reflect the different configurations of their accounts. In the reports, financial items can be "drilled" into to reveal their more detailed components, until ultimately, the raw data is uncovered. Alternatively, users can go directly to the report that contains their required level of detail.

Key financials can be used for global searching. These can also be used in the analysis functions as well as the more detailed financials.

A number of different information providers (IPs) supply companies' financials, including a specialist supplier for banks and insurance companies, to offer optimum, accurate coverage. Complementary information such as ratings, M&A activity, ownership, news etc is also available.

How to access this database

  • Online access: Through the library website, with the Campus Global username and password.

How to use this database

Basic information on how to use this database can be found in OSIRIS user guide