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Overview of the data

It contains: Company accounts, ratios, activities, ownership and management for over a million Spanish and 320,000 Portuguese companies.
A company record typically contains: contact information, balance sheet and profit and loss account that can be displayed in varying levels of detail, ratios, import/export indicator, shareholders, subsidiaries, management, auditors, banker and for public companies security and price information, annual and current stock valuation, annual and current stock data and monthly pricing series. In addition to the existing ratios you can also create your own that you can display in the reports and also use in your searches and analyses.

Each company is part of a default peer group based on its activity codes; integral graphs illustrate its position in this peer group. A company tree diagram instantly illustrates the structure of the group.

The software lets you search for companies that comply with your own criteria. You can combine as many conditions as you like and you can use full Boolean logic (and, or, not). When you have identified a group of companies you can create tables and graphs that compare the companies against each other and download them into most packages. You can also analyse the results of your search in a simple matrix plotting the companies by the criteria of your choice. For example, you can view a group of companies by region and activity and plot the results graphically.

Further features include: an Add-in function that facilitates the analysis of "live" data from SABI within Excel/Access and BvDEP’s matching software, which allows you to compare your own database records with those that also occur in SABI and update or enhance your data accordingly. You can also upload a file of companies to analyse in SABI.

How to access this database

  • Online access: Through the library website, with the Campus Global username and password

How to use this database

Basic information on how to use this database can be found in SABI and also at