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Mercedes Esteban-Bravo, Nora Lado Cousté and Jose M. Vidal-Sanz have developed an international marketing simulation game called QUANTUM, in which the students compete as marketing directors for a large company.

QUANTUM is a marketing business-game for the development of practical skills in marketing management. It is based on the best analytical models form academic research.This educational software tool allows users to assimilate basic concepts of decision-making and strategic marketing management, and to develop practical skills in the management of businesses that operate in international markets. The competition takes place among companies that are managed by teams of students operating in the same sector in different countries, using analytical models derived from academic research. The academic rigor and added entertainment motivate the students in this type of competition.

This is an ideal tool for a profession such as marketing, which is developing rapidly as it adapts to the dynamics of international networks and powerful technological innovations. In addition, this instrument adapts well to e-learning programs. The method can be used by undergraduate and graduate students, as well as by executives, just by determining and then adapting the degree of difficulty to be used. Moreover, it works in both Spanish and English so that it can be used in bilingual degree programs.

The Quantum software has two programs that can be installed in Windows or macOS computers. The instructor controls the game with the program "Quantum Teacher". The students take the decisions using the program "Quantum Student", that can be installed on any device to do the job comfortably. Both programs are autonomous, but mutually compatible.

Download software:

Download Windows file

public/descargas/installStudent_mac_jre.jar Download Mac file

QUANTUM is proprietary software that belongs to its three authors, although QUANTUM has been used as freeware in undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Business at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid from the start of the project in 2007.