Journal List

November 2022

A+ Categoría

-Journal of Accounting and Economics
-Journal of Accounting Research
-The Accounting Review

-Journal of Finance
-Journal of Financial Economics
-Review of Financial Studies

-Academy of Management Journal
-Administrative Science Quarterly
-Academy of Management Review
-Management Science
-Organization Science
-Strategic Management Journal

-Journal of Marketing
-Journal of Marketing Research
-Marketing Science
-Journal of Consumer Research

From other disciplines:
-American Economic Review
-Journal of Political Economy
-Quarterly Journal of Economics
-Review of Economic Studies

-Journal of Applied Psychology
-Journal of American Statistical Association
-American Sociological Review
-American Journal of Sociology

A Categoría

-Review of Accounting Studies
-Contemporary Accounting Research

-Accounting Organizations and Society

-Journal of Monetary Economics
-J. Financial & Quantitative Analysis
-Finance & Stochastics
-Mathematical Finance
-Journal Money Credit & Banking

-Journal of Corporate Finance
-Journal of Banking & Finance
-Journal of Financial Intermediation
-Journal of Risk & Uncertainty
-Review of Finance

-J. Supply Chain Management
-J. Labor Economics
-Personnel Psychology
-J. Management
-Research in Organizational Behavior
-Organization Research Methods
-J. Operations Management
-J Human Resources
-J International Business Studies
-J Organizational Behavior
-Organiz. Behavior & Human Decision
-J Management Studies
-Leadership Quarterly

-Research Policy
-J Business Venturing
-Operations Research
-Decision Science
-J Industrial Economics
-Entrepreneurship Theory Practice
-Organization Studies
-Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal
-J Economics Management Strategy
-Academy of Management Annals
-Production and Operations Mngment

-J Academy Marketing Science
-J Product Innovation Management
-Quantitative Marketing Economics
-J Service Research (Us)

-J Consumer Psychology
-J International Marketing
-J Retailing
-International J Research in Marketing

B Categoría

-Auditing, A Journal of Practice and Theory
-Journal Business Finance and Accounting
-Accounting Horizons

-European Accounting Review
-Management Accounting Research

-J Financial Markets
-J Risk & Insurance
-Financial Management
-J International Money & Finance
-Insurance: Mathematics & Economics
-European Financial Management

-Astin Bulletin
-Quantitative Finance
-Financial Analysts Journal
-Review of Asset Pricing Studies
-Review of Corporate Finance Studies

-Project Management J
-Academy Mngmnt & Learning Education
-Industrial Labor Relation Review
-Supply Chain Management
-Tourism Management
-Human Relations
-Mathematics of Operations Research
-Industrial Relations
-European J Work Organization Psychology
-J World Business
-R&D Management

-European J Operations Research
-Industrial & Corporate Change
-Group Organization Management
-British J Management
-Corporate Governance. An Intnal Rev.
-Intnal J Operations Production Mngmnt
-Decision Support Systems
-J Scheduling
-J Occupational Organizational Psychology
-Manufacturing & Service Op. Mngmnt

-J Interactive Marketing
-Marketing Letters

-J Business Research
-Industrial Marketing Management

C Categoría

-Journal of Accounting & Public Policy

-Accounting and Business Research
-Accounting & Finance

-J Derivatives
-J Financial Econometrics.
-Int’nal J of Finance & Economics
-Geneva Risk & Insurance Review
-Annual Review Finance & Economics

-J Futures Markets
-J Empirical Finance
-J Financial Stability
-J Financial Service Research

-Systems & Control Letters
-Intnal J Production Economics
-Small Business Economics
-British J Industrial Relations
-Family Business Review
-International J Service Industry
-Work Employment & Society
-Long Range Planning
-J Management Inquiry
-International Business Review
-Business Ethics Quarterly
-Entrepreneurship & Regional

-Human Resource Management (US)
-J Productivity Analysis
-Work Occupation
-J Operations Research Society
-J Small Business Management
-Management Learning
-Gender Work Organization
-International Small Business J
-J Business Psychology
-Intnal J Human Resource Mngment
-J Business Ethics
-Global Strategy Journal
-J. Environmental Econ. & Mngment

J Advertising
-Psychology & Marketing
-International Marketing Review

-J of Business Industrial Marketing
-J Advertising Research