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Leadership: most common mistakes inside companies

Leadership is a core ingredient for your projects success. However, is not a mistake free experience. The first thing to know is that most leaders are not born leaders, but learned. This means that throught practical experience you can Strengthen your assertive communication, negotiation and empathy abilities.

What are the most common mistakes in leadership?

 1. Paternalism. That is, to prevent employees from growing and evolving. To solve this problem, it is fundamental to promote continuous training in workers through courses.

2. Lack of communication with the team. Many leaders show a distant attitude when spending most of the time in the office. To solve this aspect, leave your office, observe the daily work of the team.

3. No ending meetings that exhaust the team. To solve it, prior calling for a meeting stablish the subjects to treat and opening and closing time.

 4. Impersonal treatment. Correct this gesture through such a basic detail as naming each worker by name. You can also take the initiative to promote afterwok.

5. Big ego. This can make you take wrong choices because it prevents you from learning from the team. How to solve this? Give voice to your workers. Give distinc ways to receive feedback.

6. Lack of social inteligence. To enhance this ability, it is very important that in your messages of communication with the team you express ideas in the form of "us" to remember the unity present in the group. And set common goals. In addition, it is also very important that each worker has clarified their functions so as not to interfere with the work of other colleagues.