Our PhD in Business and Finance qualifies as the best in the Community of Madrid

October 27, 2022
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Our PhD in Business and Finance qualifies as the best in the Community of Madrid

The Madri+d accreditation commission has evaluated our PhD program in Business and Finance so positively that we are ranked as the best rated program in the Community of Madrid, not only in Social Sciences, but across all disciplines. In addition, UC3M stands out as the university with the best three programs, and among these ours is ranked first. 


The evaluators explicitly highlight a series of strong points that make us stand out from other programs. Thus, for example, they highlight (literal quote):


·      The degree has an excellent training, monitoring and continuous evaluation system through the action of follow-up committees and the internal thesis committee.

·      The center has international quality accreditation from the AACSB international.

·      The teaching staff is excellent, has a high current research experience, a high percentage has a doctorate from a foreign institution and demonstrates a high level of involvement with the program.

·      The program has 100% funding for doctoral students, it has a successful job placement program for doctoral students, 70% of doctoral students carry out funded stays in centers of recognized prestige. The resources available to the degree guarantee its high employability (100 per 100 of those enrolled).

From UC3M Business we would like to congratulate the program director, Jose Marín, for his work, as well as the directors of the master program that prepares the students for the PhD (formerly Jose Penalva, now Neus Palomeras). We also would like to thank the thesis directors and the rest of the faculty involved in the program, as well as the students. Also many thanks to the administration staff of both the department and the university who have helped in the accreditation.