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Overview of the data

KLD STATS (Statistical Tool for Analyzing Trends in Social and Environmental Performance) is a data set with annual snap-shots of the environmental, social, and governance performance of companies rated by KLD Research & Analytics, Inc. For each year beginning with 1991, KLD STATS provides a table of data with a collection of approximately 650 companies that comprise the Domini 400 Social SM Index and S&P 500® with one record for each company. Beginning in 2001, KLD expanded its coverage universe to include the largest 1000 US companies by market capitalization. In 2003, KLD expanded that coverage to the largest 3000 US companies by market capitalization.

Summary of Data Contained in each Annual KLD STATS spreadsheet:

  • Identifying Company information (Name, Ticker, CUSIP)
  • Strength and Concern ratings for approximately 80 indicators within seven qualitative issue areas including:
  1. Community
  2. Corporate Governance
  3. Diversity
  4. Employee Relations
  5. Environment
  6. Human Rights
  7. Product
  • Concerns for six controversial business issues:
  1. Alcohol, Gambling, Firearms, Military, Nuclear Power, and Tobacco
  • Summary Counts for each of these 13 areas

How to access this database

Integrated in WRDS. See WRDS (link) for more information.

How to use this database

Basic information on how to use this database can be found in www.kld.com/research/stats/index.html